Pregnancy and Other Types of Announcements

The announcement business has grown considerably during the past decade. Announcements of a new pregnancy is one common type, but there are a number of other life events that are shared through announcements and there are so many different types on the market to choose from. Some individuals still prefer purchase store-bought announcement cards however some individuals are deciding to send announcement eCards to spread their joyful news. There are several internet sites that offer an array of customizable eCards at an affordable price and some are even free.

Listed below are several common varieties of announcements. If you are looking for one, you should have no trouble finding the ideal one for your special occasion!

Pregnancy Announcements

Pregnancy announcements enable the parents-to-be to share the thrilling news of their expectancy.  Their excitement and anticipation of the upcoming birth of their baby will be shared by all.

Baby Announcements

Birth announcements allow you to share the news of a new addition to your family. They can include a cover and inside verse. You will discover them in pale pink for females and baby blue for males, they also come in pale yellow and pale green. Some also offer an option to add a photo of your newborn.  Welcome to the family little one!

Graduation Announcements

Graduation announcements are generally semi-formal in style with a nice future focused verse on the inside. They often include photos of caps and gowns and you can choose to insert a photo of your beloved graduate in your announcement.

Wedding/Engagement Announcements

Marriage and Engagement announcements enable you to pass on the word of your upcoming marriage. In most cases they incorporate a beautifully created passage about love and dedication and many have the choice of including a picture of the bride and groom.

Residence/Business Relocation Announcements

If your household or business is relocating there are many types of announcements that will help you to distribute current contact information to friends, family and business associates. If it is a business relocation, the announcement can also include a business logo or image.

Spending just a small amount of effort investigating the unique variations of announcements available, will ensure you are pleased with your selection.

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